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Napoli Cafe History

A Professional Business

Napoleon the founder of Napoli Café opened his first cafe in 1919 on Capo Posillipo, the furthest point of Naples.
Napoli Café is known as a place one can enjoy wonderful views of Pozzuoli and the islands of the Gulf while sipping a real Italian coffee. From the castle S. Elmo you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Naples and the Sorrento Coast whilst biting into your sandwich. The Napoleon business became very successful due to the quality of its coffee and comforting ambience. Now, every week not only do the locals come to enjoy Napoli's coffee but local businesses also call on Napoleon where they can enjoy a banquet at Napoli Café or simply to make the most of Napoli's catering facilities asking Napoli to cater out to another location.

In 2012 Napoleon's grandson was inspired by his ancestors and followed his dreams of brining  Napoli Café to the UK. After 93 years, the UK Napoli Café branch found its home at a refurbished old building which used to be a flower shop.The picture to the right is a picture saved from google earth before the building was refurbished.

The building which was rebuilt in 2011 was designed especially for Napoli Café.
The Napoleon's descendant will follow his path to provide the Real Italian coffee in a nostalgic ambience, but located in UK.
Napoli Café is one of the oldest family owned businesses in Naples which has now been extended to the UK.

Whether this is a dream or a story, we know one thing . . . . . the coffee taste is real.
So next time you're out and about, pop in and check out our menu. We promise you won't be disappointed.

From our family to yours, thank you for your patronage.