A Professional Real Italian Cafe

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Hot Drinks

Special Latte
Medium Large

£2.65 £2.85

A mild milky drink with a hint of coffee flavouring add up with any choice of Coffee Syrup:

Caramel, English Toffee, Hazelnut, Tiramisu, Amaretto,Ginger Bread, Toasted Marshmallow and  Vanilla.

Cafe Latte Small Medium Large
£2.15 £2.45 £2.65
A mild milky drink with one shot of Espresso for flavouring
Americano Small Medium Large
£2.15 £2.45 £2.65
A long, mild, black coffee
Cappuccino Small Medium Large
£2.15 £2.45 £2.65
A smooth espresso capped with creamy foamed milk
FlatWhite Small Medium Large
£2.15 £2.45 £2.65
Black coffee topped up with creamy milk
Mocha Small Medium Large
£2.15 £2.45 £2.65
A delicious mixture of chocolate ,Coffee & Milk
Espresso/Ristretto 1 Shot 2 Shots
£1.30 £2.20
Our finely ground coffee beans brewed gradually to build a creamy rich espresso
Italian Hot Chocolate
Medium Large

£2.50 £2.75
Double Belgian chocolate mix with frothing milk can be top up with whipped cream or Marshmallow
Chai Latte
Medium Large

£2.45 £2.65
A cocktail of 5 decaf antioxidant tea  mix with milk.

a pot


a selection choice of :

English Tea, Earl Gray serve with milk in a pot on a tea warmer

Green Tea

a pot


A selection choice of :

Green Tea, Lemon Green Tea  in a pot on a tea warmer & Decaf Green Tea